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2017, 2018 and 2019 Ottawa real estate market update. Ottawa home values. Houses For Sale In Kanata

2017, 2018 and 2019 Ottawa real estate market update. Ottawa home values. Houses For Sale In Kanata | Selling Homes In A Neighbourhood Near You!™ 












Ottawa 2018 Real Estate Market Update

Good morning this is #TomWitek (VTEC) TV You can find more information about me at

In today's video we're going to talk about the #OttawaRealEstatePerformance for 2017 vs. 2018 in the last video which you can see right here with the data for December 2018 but let's focus now on 2017 vs. 2018 in the residential category in 2017 the #AverageSalePrice was for $424,947 and in #2018 the #AverageSalePrices were $446,661 which is an increase from 2017 of 5.1%  #NumberOfSales okay, #numberofsales for #residential in #2017 was $13,478 and in #2018 was 13,418 so we had almost exact #numberofsales in #2017 and $2018 but the #prices in the #ResidentialMarket increased by 5.1% 

In the #condominium category the #AverageSalePrices in #2017 we're $269,798 and in #2018 in the #condominium category class the #AverageSalePrices were $278,316 which

is an increase of 3.2% when compared to #2017 year as a whole. Now #NumberOfUnits #sold for the #condominium in #2017 was $3,687 and in #2018 was 4,058 which represents an increase of $13.1% and I've been saying this throughout the year the #sales of #condominium in #2018 increased - the actual #NumberOfUnits #sold the prices went up as well but just a little bit 3.2 percent and for the #ResidentialMarket you could see you have the same #NumberOfHomesSold and we would have #sold more if the #inventory wasn't so low in #2018 , Days on the market were reduced from 52 to 45 days in #2018 year-to-date.

So, what are the expectations for #2019 people say various things in my personal opinion the market is going to be similar to #2018 and you're gonna have a #LowInventory so if you want to list, you  should consider listing right now, as soon as you get to the market, winter winter months or spring or summer it won't matter as much you still gonna get a good price for your #home if you need to #sell. What's gonna most likely happen is the #CondominiumPrices again will go up and the #sales will go up we quite don't know how to factor in #MortgageStressTest and we don't know how to have this will affect #RealEstate but lower #prices for sure are going to be #selling better so that's #condominium obviously and #townhomes that we can bet for sure in #2019 we're gonna see a lot of #sales .

How it's gonna be in in the #HigherPriceRanges in the $500 and up we'll see, time will tell and I'm doing this updates every month so that so that you can see a clear picture for the #OttawaRealEstateMarket if you need specific #averages for your #neighbourhood or you would like to know how much your #home would #sell for please contact me at I would be happy to come in and talk to you about #OttawaRealEstate .Again this is #TomWitekTV  and you can find me at and here's the data for the #December2018 .  Share my video, give me a like, give me a call, go on my website and check out #newinventoryofhomes for the #Ottawa #OttawaRealEstateMarket

Thank you. I appreciate it!

Tom Witek 

Real Estate Salesperson with Your Choice Realty Corp. Brokerage

2017, 2018, 2019 Ottawa real estate market update | Kanata Houses For Sale | Ottawa House Values

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