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December 2018 Ottawa real estate market update

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YOU CAN DOWNLOAD THE Ottawa Real Estate Board's (OREB) December 2018 Report Below in its entirety. 


Transcript of this video follows:

Good morning this is #TomWitek (VTEC) TV You can find more information about me at

Today I'm going to break this video into two parts first, we're gonna describe #December2018OttawaRealEstate data because #December2018 data came out from #OttawaRealEstateBoard (OREB) and I'm going to break it into a second video discussing what happened in #Ottawa, #OttawaRealEstate in 2017 versus 2018.

So, in this video let's focus on December2018 but you will be able to see the update for 2017 and 2018 right here once I upload 2017 versus 2018 #OttawaMarketStatistics #December2018 when we compare #December2017 to #December2018 for the residential sales in #December2017, we have $432,821 in December2017 in #December2018 we have $453,011 which is an increase of 4.7% So, the prices on average went up by four point when you compare the two Decembers.

Number of units sold only $559 units sold in #December2017 and even less sold in #December2018, 471 which is a decrease of fifteen point seven percent so #December2018 was less active this year than last year, but the whole year throughout January to November we had more more sales in 2018. Now, #AverageSalePrices for #condominium in #December2017 it was $255,372 and this year in #December2018 we had $278,295 which is an increase of 9%. Number of units sold for #condominium for December2017 was 206 units sold and for the #December2018 it was 192 So, we have minus six point eight percent a decrease in in December for the #condominium solds. #OttawaRealEstate #Salespeople sold in #December2017 765 units, this is both #residential and #condominium and then in 2018 in December we sold 663 units which is this number, which is a decrease of 13.3% so you can see that December, the number of units sold decreased the prices increased for both residential type of #homes and #condominiums.

In 2018 we were plagued by low inventory between $175 thousand and $274, 999 it's still a super-active price point in the #CondoMarket representing 55.7% of all #condounits sold. In the #ResidentialCategory the price range between $300,000 and $449,999 is the most active price range representing forty five percent of homes sold here and in the price range of $500 to $750 thousand one in four homes sold so 20% of all homes sold in the market was in that price range.

Days on the market were reduced from 52 to 45 days in 2018 year-to-date and this is a quick video about December2018 #OttawaMarketUpdate Please share my video, give me a like, give me a call , go on my website at and check out new #InventoryOfHomes for the #OttawaRealEstateMarket  Thank you. I appreciate it


OttawaRealEstateDEC_2018and 2018Recap.pdf1.05 MB

Good information

Great info about December 2018. Ottawa. Market Real Estate Update.


I am glad to read it.


I am stunned to see your style of presentation. Your videos have really made an impact. Good information about Ottawa Real Estate Market Stats.

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