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Ottawa Construction Services. General Carpentry. Ottawa houses for sale. Ottawa homes for sale. Ottawa


Ottawa Construction Services. General Carpentry. Ottawa houses for sale. Ottawa homes for sale. Ottawa






Transcript of the conversation follows:

Hello welcome to our show, today is the first episode of #2019 . Thank you for joining us today and my name is Jerry, I am a #KayakingMortgageBroker And my name is #TomWitek #OttawaRealEstateSalesperson at If you like the video, please subscribe, share, and like the video. And today we have our guest and who is our guest?  I am #DrewHalliday from #GORDMAYConstructionServices Ok, you want to tell us a little bit about your company?  We do #OttawaRenovationServices , servicing the #GreaterOttawaArea for the last 25 years, specializing in #ResidentialHome #RenovationServices. You said you are enjoying doing kitchens and bathrooms? Yeah, bathrooms and kitchens we do a lot of, yeah. What is, what is popular in #Ottawa right now? A lot of new stuff coming out, a lot of new products on the #OttawaMarket . A lot of new designs we are working with. I've seen this beautiful tile on the #OttawaMarket right now, lots of new tiles. How do people choose?   How do people choose? It's a very specific thing, it's either usually done through the designer...homeowner has seen something that they really liked...and we work with them and install the product. So, usually they hire a designer?  sometimes just the homeowner is involved, it's all client specific, each job is different. So, yeah. What do you prefer doing kitchens, big renovations kitchens, bathrooms? We like bathrooms, you know bathrooms and kitchens are our main focus. you know but we are open to anything, home renovation, flooring, trim, yeah. And the ensuite bathrooms are the biggest, that's our main one, What is it that people like right now?: is it double-sinks or stand up showers? A lot of ...the showers are a big item right now, walk-in showers, they are reducing a lot of the water costs, its a big glass and stuff, showers with just a big piece of glass. And you also do renos in the basement? Yeah, very popular are the shower stalls, it is yeah. Is there a certain brand that people like? Anything special? No, not specifically, there is such a wide range of products out there, that each person it's kind of choosing on their own. So, they usually choose their own materials, and you kind of come in and install it for them. That's right, we have that offer, we offer that as well, just an straight install service. So, what happens if someone, totally doesn't know what colors to choose? The wife is the designer..... You know somebody that is good with that, in terms of choosing colors. I've seen that a lot of places how now, 2 shower heads, 3 shower heads, body sprays, all kinds of many choices you can use, we've done steam rooms with full radio systems, and you know you can operate it now from your smart phones. Turn your shower on remotely, so as a mortgage broker I might have a radio and tv in the bathroom and just watch it. Wait a second I don't need an office, I just need a bathroom and a shower :)  That's it, That's it :) And tell us how long have you been in business? Over 25 years, I started this company on my own, managed and watched it slowly grow and grow, and it is what we have today. Do you have staff working for you? I keep it pretty tight, so my guys are close to me and they, you know I like to keep a attention to detail. We like jobs but don't like to have too many things going on at once, so we can basically focus on projects at hand. So are they sub-contractors or do they work for you? The only sub-contractors are the electrician and a plumber, everything else is inhouse. So, you really have control of your staff. Definitely, definitely. So what made you choose this kind of or line of business? It was a long, long time ago, I have done my school, I had a couple of friends working in the trade and one of them offered me an apprenticeship so I ended up signing up with him and 25 years later here we are. So you got your contracting license and all? Yeah, I went to Algonquin College and did the apprenticeship program, and in Algonquin College did the #carpentry. And you mentioned you won an award? Yeah in 2016, we won a Global Award for 100 square foot bathroom. So what does this award represent?  You are basically the member of the #GlobalAwardAssociation and #HomeBuildersAssociation with that you a member of this association, every year they have a gala and they present awards for the best kitchen, bathroom. Yeah, we got the award for 100 square foot bathroom. What's the smallest bathroom you have worked on and the biggest bathroom? The smallest ones are the hardest :) You have to rip everything out...yeah it's a tiny little room, so 3 feet by 5 feet, which is a small room just a toilet and a sink, you know and right after that bigger bathrooms with walk-in showers, double vanities............So, do people call you and let's say a year after tile cracks, not necessarily when you did the job, but the tile cracks they want to replace 2 tiles, for example...would you do a job like that? We have, yes we do. You have to match the tiles, but do you usually rip out the whole bathroom? It depends, a lot of time what we do Tom, we like to leave a half of box, you know a quarter of the box left, just in case anything ever happens. Dish falls, pan, or something, breaks a tile in the kitchen, then there is a replacement onsite. Is hart to match right? It's hard match it' got to be good, but that's what we do. But the time it breaks, you want to change it anyhow, ehhh sometimes somebody can you know drop something and it cracks and looks ugly, ...we get in there and clean up the tile, you know and reinstall a new one, so no problems after that. So you work especially in the kitchen. Yeah, we basically full gut, full remodel, either we do from Ikea kitchens to designer kitchens. So, if somebody wanted to do some renovation before sale, you would easily come with the budget and look what sale versus spending to make sure the project is worth doing. And you mentioned you have a home team to help them design anything? Yeah, we have a designer we work with, separate company from us but she works with us. we have a few we work with, depending on the person's budget, pick the right designer for them. Jerry since you are a mortgage broker, you mentioned there is some kind of program that they can use to renovate their home?  Yeah, it's if you are buying a home and you don't like a  kitchen or a bathroom, we do purchase plus improvement and add the renovation to the mortgage. So that's the product that we have. If ou already own a home and you want to sell it or you just don't like it, we can also do refinance plus improvement and we can add the renovation, we just get a few quotes, and we can find out how much it is and then add to mortgage/refinance. So, that's when they own it, right? If they own it and are planning to sell afterwards, we can just refinance it, most clients will do it when they already own a home, for maybe 4 years or something, and then refinance it, fix it up and upgrade it so they can basically, sell it or live there a lot longer and enjoy it. There is low home inventory right now, so instead of people buying homes, if they can't find anything else, they just make the home,...their home. Is there anything else you want to talk about? We are open for clients this season. Where are you located? #SouthOttawa and #Barrhaven we service the #GreaterOttawaArea we have a homepage at business phone is 613-715-4841 ohhh I didn't ask you one important question: when people call you how long does it usually take for you guys to come in, do you have a big backlog right now? 1-3 days to get in for the quote, we usually try to get there as soon as we can, and then depending on the time of the year, and project size, we schedule things accordingly. Is there a certain time that's best for renovating a bathroom or kitchen?  We are pretty steady throughout the year, you know we remain pretty steady so anytime you would like to call us we are prepared to help you out. Thank you for being our guest, we really appreciate it. Thank you Jerry. I appreciate it, thank you Tom


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