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Ottawa Real Estate Market Board. October 2019 Market Update. Ottawa Houses For Sale. What's My Home Worth In Today's Market?

Ottawa Real Estate Market Board. October 2019 Market Update. Ottawa Houses For Sale. What's My Home Worth In Today's Market?


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Transcript of the video follows:

Good morning my name is #TomWitek you can find more information about me at

Today, I wanted to talk about #October2019 out of a #OttawaRealEstateBoards market statistics we're going to see the total number of sales averages for the whole Ottawa market as well we're going to see market stats for #Barrhaven and #Kanata you can look at the description below and there's gonna be link for #barrhaven and #KanataHomesForSale these are active homes for sale #MLSlistings they're available for viewing and they're updated every 24 hours so you get listings average 24 hours so the stats are for October 2019 for the residential average of sales in 2018 we had average price 449 for 19 and in 2019 we had four hundred eighty three thousand four or five which is an increase of seven point six percent for the number of sales we have thousand 53 in 2018 and thousand two hundred eleven in 2019 which is the increase of 15% so 15 percent more sales in October of this year over last year for the condo average sale prices in 2018 we had two sixty nine thousand seven sixty eight and in 2019 with that staggering increase of three hundred nineteen thousand 208 which is an increase 18.3% for the condo number of sales we had 322 in 2018 and 396 in 2019 which is an increase of 23%.

Now, let's talk about the low inventory that has been low inventory for basically two years straight now and these numbers kind of hover around the same percentage we have less than 22 to 25 percent in there is natural market and we have less than 40 percent in the market so for the October inventory this is at the end of the October 2018 and this is at the end of October 2019 so three thousand ninety eight and two thousand four hundred O8 which is minus twenty two percent and for the condo market its 861 versus in 2019 527 which is almost forty percent and this has been throughout this year and as well as last year okay a condo market is really rebounding and if you want to sell your condo. Now is the time!


Okay, now let's break it now in proper #barrhaven , #kanata for the #BarrHaven active homes for sale you go home you can click on a link right now and access these homes or do it after the video is done for the 2018 in October we had four hundred forty thousand six fifty seven that the average price for October 2019 jump to 484 465 which I mean which is an increase of almost ten percent number of sales we have hundred two sales in 2018 in bar Haven and in 2019 we had hundred fourteen sales in bar Haven and now this is for the month of October which is increase of eleven point eight percent for the condo averages in October of 2018 we had two hundred forty six thousand three fifty nine and in October of 2019 we had two hundred seventy eight thousand nine ninety eight which is an increase of thirteen point two percent now in 2018 we sought 17 homes and in 2019 we sought twenty four homes these are condos which is a 41% increase so you can see the link right now for #barrhaven and for #kanata I'll put a link after I described and this stat so for #Kanata as a whole in October 2018 we had average sale price of 442 157 and we broke over 500 thousand dollar mark in 2019 in October of 2019 which is an increase of thirteen point one percent in terms of number of residential sales in 2018 we had 99 in 2019 we had 111 which is an increase of 12.1% for the condo averages in #Kanata in October of 2018 we had 234 0:13 and in 2019 we got staggering increase of 365 0:57 which is an increase of 56% in price now you have to be aware of this really depends on any given year what type of condos are selling a selling are the lower priced or higher price and it seems that in 2018 there was more sales in the lower price range and in the in the 2019 it was on the higher price range if you do a year to to date number January of 2018 to end of October 2018 and then you compare this to January 2019 to the end of October of 2019 you're gonna see the difference I think I did this in the last video it was found 266 and in increased this year for around 285 but it gives you an idea how it can be now this is based on 16 unit cells in 2016 and 19 unit salts sold in in #Kanata in 2019 which is an increase of 18.8% here's the link again for her for active current active homes for sale in in #Kanata you can click the link and check out on my website map you can do different searches you can subscribe now so you can clearly see the #kanata is doing much better in terms of prices and this was only by 2000 in 2018 when we compared it to 2018 so when we compare #barrhaven and #kanata and when we compare #BarrHaven in Canada in 2019 you can se that it's basically #kanata is basically fifteen thousand dollars more on average for the neighborhood so Canada is doing much better for the residential market in Canada is doing really good for the condominium market alright so thank you very much let me know what you think please subscribe I appreciate any comments you may have and and if you can maybe a comment as well on what other videos you would like to see obviously this data can be broken down those very specific neighborhoods street level anything you need please contact me and discuss #OttawaRealEstateMarket

Thank you very much.   

Inventory by Month - All Property Classes Oct 2019.pdf202.36 KB
OREB-Ottawa-Real-Estate-Board-Market-Statistics-OCT_2019.pdf835.36 KB
Report 3C OREB (Month) OCTOBER 2019 CONDOMINIUM ONLY.pdf61.47 KB
Report 3R OREB (Month) OCTOBER 2019 RESIDENTIAL ONLY.pdf73.04 KB

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