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Ottawa Real Estate Professional Staging Services. Ottawa Property Stylists At Work.

Ottawa Real Estate Professional Staging Services. Ottawa Property Stylists At Work.


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Transcript of the video follows:

My passion is helping people with their homes bring out their personality and I also love to stage homes and I really love using what the clients have first and really seeing their reaction when we move things around and we edit and that sort of thing #SuePitchforth #PropertyStylist Designer from #DecorTherapyPlus and I'm excited to be here with you both. My name is #TomWitek I am #OttawaRealEstate  salesperson. You can find more information about me at Please do help us out we want to promote these videos more and more on a weekly basis so please do share, subscribe and subscribe and so we can give you more real estate related content. or you can call me the #KayakingMorgageAgent with #Invis Can you tell us more about your business on how do you got into the business...yeah I've been in business for about 17 years and I just love meeting new people and agents.

Pleasure to meet you both and I'm really excited to be 9n #Ottawa I've only been here a year okay so I've moved my business from #Toronto to #Ottawa and I love #Ottawa just love the reception that How did you get into this business? So, I used to be a clothing buyer I bought for 250 stores across Canada and I designed the clothing and then I left that to stay at home with my son and then when I turned 40 I decided you know what I'm gonna open my own company and I started #staging before #staging was really around it was called fluffing okay and didn't like that name so I'm glad the name changed. So you can do for your clients, you can do staging and be like a personal stylist yeah absolutely I think we both the is there a little bit more style. I think my color is black...he's right for a funeral so it's okay yeah it's it's just so awesome I love I love helping people with their homes, even with staging you know even where we're working to stage the home to showcase the home for potential buyers but it's also to the homeowners and the agents what their reaction is from the before to the after because usually as you know Thomas it's huge huge. Do you get many clients that for example, they really bought the home and they don't like something in their home and they're trying to change it personalize it and then you come in. Is that more of your business or is it the staging part or how does it break down? Oh I love it, I love it all,  that's a hard question to answer it's really I do renovation, I do renovation, I decorate people's homes, I design people's homes, I stage, I speak at all the home shows in #Ottawa regular on #Saytime so for me the best way to say it is anything to do with the house I love.

Okay, so what's the first thing somebody calls you is saying I'm thinking about selling my home. What do you do? So, I go over and I sit down with them and I I'm a little bit different in the #StagingIndustry where a lot of #stagers as you know will rent furniture they'll repaint the house, redo the flooring Everyone has to find their niche in the marketplace and my niche is going in and using what they have first, so I try and spend the least amount of money but gives the impression that we spent a lot of money  and because I'm a designer I bring design into staging and it's really how I see the house which is very different so I can take something or a house that's very dated and make it look very updated, very simply and sometimes it's just using accessories you know painting specific things and the #OttawaHomeOwners love you it because they're not spending a lot of money but they're seeing the results and they're get just they get to see their things in your new way and then when they move to their house they try and replicate what I've got it did and they never do it so they call me it looks much better for the pictures ,for the property #walkthrough so you can, you take care of the color of that coordination. Yeah, I don't like this color, this is what sells let's do it here, we forget about what you what you would like and good what the new homeowners would like well it's really taking the emotion and them out of their home and it's really becoming now as you know Thomas a commodity you're selling it. Yeah, It's a it's a house not at home anymore. That's right, That's right and for a lot of people it's a process to get to that point as we all know but once they get there then they start getting excited about when you as an agent start to take them to see new houses so they're already looking forward and it makes my job so much easier to say okay let's do this you know we take we remove a lot of personal effects, personal photos there's a lot of things that we do in every home because living and staging very different very very you ever get switchbacks by the people who you're trying to stage to say no I don't like this and love it's not give you freedom so they give me freedom I always explain to them so when I meet with a client I sit down with them for about 10 minutes and I say ok this is what you can expect and I always say upfront I'm gonna give you my professional opinion and I give them a room-by-room list of things to do and I go to your decision what you do now I always explain as we're going through the house this is why we're doing this and this is how the potential buyer will feel so once you explain it to them and once we educate them they're like they're all in so very, very infrequently much you change every room on how it should look like that show you what you just don't don't touch ,,, maybe basements...their sort of clean up you know sometimes move things around because you know as you know for photography if you have things close to the lens that room looks so much smaller so staging absolutely staging, it's really about showcasing the house the features and making the rooms look spacious because most of the clients will see the home on the internet the first time anyway. It's like...the statistics show that actually 90% of people start their search on the internet so if you got a present at the right way yeah and then they actually hire an agent to actually look at this house after that usually that that's the way it happens to me Yeah, so when I'm staging I'm sort of the eyes of the photographer I always say to the client and I get them to go to the to the door and look into the room so if you were the photographer this is what you would see right that's a very good man they're like oh and then when when I move the bed farther away they see that the depth of the room looks bigger so a lot of staging is very psychological and it's about design what does the eye see what if somebody doesn't want to change like if it's something that it had like or let's say I don't know cross on the wall and you know we should take these now what they don't want to is there a way to show them? Yeah, so the way I do, it's very participatory so if I walk into a home and I see that you know there's a lot of religious artifacts or there's you know different ethnic things and we all have things that we love it all right so I'll sort of talk about it and then we'll move to another room so what I do is I gain their confidence and we're walking through and then later on in the appointment I'll say okay so generally you know what we do is we remove the religious artifacts yeah and it's up to you but you're asking me for my professional opinion so I always put it back to them and I always explain we're gonna get different buyers so you want to open this home as much as possible and what buyers do they picture themselves in the home right so you kind of gotta do that but sometimes it's sensitive in a way in that way we approach yeah and it sort of really,,,,,you love doing you really love it really depends on the house I mean you know take a little girl's room I love doing your girls rooms but then I also love doing master bedrooms and family rooms it really depends on the house I mean I just love what I do and to me when I go into a home that is more dated that's very cluttered to me that's a creative challenge and that I love I'd rather do that than go into a house that really has nothing yeah.... You've been the business offer 17 years you said...what has changed over the 17 years of staging?

We,l for me it's a lot of I'm educating my clients more and more and and they're really appreciating that and also to of educating the agents in if an agent hasn't worked at the stager because like in any industry we're all different so everyone finds their niche in the market just like you guys do as well I find that the I find that the clients are much more educated. and they yeah they want to participate more in the process. There is more information online, articles etc...they are I've built cottages we've demolished cottages and we rebuilt them.  I've designed them and I #staged them so yes same thing happens there you're  really trying to appeal to a wide range of people, potential buyers. yeah.....outdoors a lot working and in that case where there is waterfront ....Jerry you want to make sure that all the furniture is placed in the proper area we don't want the backs of the couch is to be facing into the house into the cottage you want to be facing out because that million-dollar view is really what the #cottage is all about. the cottage is a big part of it, but really it's the waterfront, it is I wanted to take in order to say how long does it take to #stage a home? it depends you know usually I go in to visits the first visit is usually an hour and I'll do my report with the clients I'll send them the report they do all the work and then when I go back if I need to bring any accessories or all right or pillows and throws then I do the final and that usually takes about an hour. So, I'd say two to three hours and I'm sure you guys how long no bigs in the house is absolutely when it has to be put on the market and timing is a big thing so there many times I've even done the staging in one session where it's me the agents the clients and we're like okay let's do it and that what happens there is we stage and we move things around and edit and then we have things in the world and then they have their homework is to get rid of everything and then when they get rid of everything they're going to staged helping people. ok so how can people reach you? again for the audience? 


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#OttawaRealEstate #SuePitchforth #OttawaStagingServices #OttawaPropertyStylists 

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